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Apple Threatens Epic Games To Cut-off it’s Access Over All Mac and iOS Devices

In very recent days, Apple imposed a ban on Fortnite game by Epic Games and removed it from all of its App Stores. The reason for this sudden ban was, that Epic Games had enabled in-app purchases in their mobile gaming application: Fortnite. Now here, Apple was not getting its 30% share from the purchases made by the users. And this according to Apple violated the terms and conditions of its app-stores purchase.

In defense of this statement by Apple, Fortnite published on its website that, many applications available on App- store have enabled in-app purchases like Amazon, Uber, and many others and are premised to accept direct payments from the application users and unlike this, all the developers should be free to accept payments directly from their users.

On top of these discussions, Apple announced that it is not going to change its terms and conditions just for a single application by Epic Games and also warned Epic Games that it may cut-off its access overall iOS and Mac-based devices.

Also, in a business insider, Apple’s statement was, they intend to work with Epic Games towards finding a solution but as of now, it has no plans to consider the company’s new payment method.

Thus, there are chances that Apple lets Epic Games continue its services on App-store but also there are very few chances of Epic Games applications getting wiped off all Apple-based OS devices.

Not many days ago, Apple officially published the conversation through emails between Epic Games and Apple Inc. from which it can be proclaimed that Apple is very serious regarding its terms and conditions for their client but on other hand Epic Games is also not ready to accept all the conditions which are made in the favor of Apple.

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