Why Everyone is “Binod” on Social Media?

Many of you were wondering why everyone is spamming the comment sections of any image, video, or anything posted on social media with “Binod” and why Binod is trending on social media?

We understand your curiosity and yes, we are here to help you out to understand the craziness we Indians are getting while staying at home. 2020 is really a long year and it is full of memes, funny memes. From Baby Yoda meme to the Cat Meme, we have seen them all but in a bizarre incident, suddenly every comment box is spammed with Binod and twitter is full with Binod memes.

A YouTube channel Slayy Point has recently uploaded a video titled “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD)” and the desi Indians got the meme material. The video shows how Indian Desi’s are spamming comment sections with one-liners, shayaris, poetries, Like this comment if you are watching in August 2020 and so many things. An account with the name “Binod Tharu” just commented only his name Binod in their last video, just to spam or to show his presence maybe.

The Channel is owned by Abhyudaya and Gautami. They figured out that comment and use it and several others to make their new video and it goes viral.

Courtesy: Slayy Point

Many people are tweeting with #Binod (Over 20K Tweets) on twitter with memes that a person becomes viral only after commenting his name on a YouTube video. yes, it is 2020 and anything can happen.

After the video goes viral, the channel has changed their description to mark the presence of Binod.

Founder of BINOD. Hello Binod Army xD

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