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How to Install PyAudio Module in Python 3.0? (In Windows)

As we all now Python 3.0 doesn’t support the speech recognition module to run before the PyAudio Installed in the module and while installing using pip in python it shows the below-listed error.

pip install PyAudio

This error occurs as PyAudio Requires additional modules before installation and which is complicated to do without an error. But As The Tech Infinite is always their help we have found an easier way to install the PyAudio Module in Python version 3 without any error sweeping your mind. Follow the below steps to Install the PyAudio version.

Step 1 – Find Your Python Version, Run the following code to know what is your Python Version

python --version

The Tech Infinite system has Python 3.8.3 (32-bit) Version running in our systems.

Step 2 – Visit this site ( or Click here and Download the appropriate wheel corresponding to your Python Version.

Step 3 – Open Terminal and Install the provided wheel running the code below , We use VS Code

pip install C:\Users\Khalid\Downloads\PyAudio-0.2.11-cp38-cp38-win32.whl

Change the path as per your Personal Computer. So the PyAudio Module is Installed and your problem is solved. Keep Visiting our blog for more such content.

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