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Remove China Apps App Deleted from Play Store

Remove China Apps, just a few hours after the removal of the Mitron App, has been deleted from Google Play Store yesterday. Published on May 17, the app gained huge popularity with more than 5 million downloads within a short span of time with an average rating of 4.9 stars. Remove China Apps app emerged in the public eye since the anti-China sentiments raged the nation because of the Coronavirus outbreak and India-China Himalayan border dispute.

Remove China Apps App Removed ?

Remove China Apps app had been detached from Google Play Store as it violates Google’s Deceptive Behavior Policy which prominently mentions that, an app cannot encourage users to remove third-party apps.
However, the makers of the app, OneTouch AppLabs, claim that the app was not developed to uninstall any other app from the users’ phone but was for educational purposes only. In spite of everything, users used this app to remove Chinese apps from their phones.

Learn more about Google’s Deceptive behaviour Policy

The Mitron app Controversy

Mitron app, India’s so-called answers to TikTok, was removed yesterday too, after 50 lakh downloads recorded on Play Store. It was removed on the grounds of violating spam and repetitive content policies.

According to reports, the Mitron app was built by using source code, bought from a Pakistani developer Irfan Sheikh, available on CodeCanyon for $34.

Playstore has issued guidelines for Mitron App to comeback on Play.

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