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Arogya Setu Updated Privacy Policy

Arogya Setu which was triggered by several ethical hackers due to privacy concerns has now updated its privacy policy. Which now prompts to accept the policy initially when you open the application. One must accept the terms before using the application.

7 of many terms of privacy have been revised attached below in the screenshot. The major one being the application will now not suspend the users if he/she fails to meet the terms of the application. The following changes have been made (Source Arogya Setu Application).

  1. Failure to comply with terms of service no longer results in suspension
  2. Reference to the convenience services and e-Pass features
  3. Clarification provided as to the consequences of not keeping the phone with you
  4. The restrictions on tampering and reverse-engineering have been removed
  5. It has been made clear that it is only if you delete the App that you will no longer be able to use the Service
  6. Clarifications as to the liability of the government for certain actions and disclaimers
  7. Contact information has been provided for defect reporting

The modified terms of privacy have been listed below

  1. Clarification has been provided as to what data is collected
  2. Reference has been made to data processed by pressing the Report button
  3. Additional clarifications have been provided as to the use of data and that location data for the past 30 days can be uploaded under specified circumstances 
  4. Additional clarifications have been provided as to data retention

Recently it was made compulsory for all the government employees to download the application as well as the other officials as well. It has more than 100 million downloads all over India.

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