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‘Assassins Creed Valhalla’ Trailer Out: Game to release on June 19

Ubisoft has released the trailer of their new title in the Assassins Creed series, and this time the player will get to play as Vikings.

The trailer shows no gameplay highlights, the game will most definitely feature the parkour-style movement of all Assassins Creed games and is most likely to have role-playing elements and combat similar to its predecessor Assassins Creed Odyssey.

The Player will get to play as Eivor, a Viking raider who will be a fully customizable character. And the game is announced to incorporate many other features, like raids, building your own settlement, and assets.

Assassins Creed games have been a successful bunch with many loyal fans of the series, while most Assassins creed games are quite similar, odyssey stepped on new grounds by radically changing its combat system, to make the game more gameplay driven than before.

On the other hand, recent Assassins creed games have had a really bad experience with bugs and glitches, while games like unity, origins, and odyssey were extremely promising on show, the releases of these games were quite glitchy and buggy. Causing Ubisoft a lot of trouble and making their buyers download many patches and fixes to keep their sanity while playing the game.

Hopefully, Valhalla will be able to end this trend and deliver complete and sophisticated gameplay. While the concept in Valhalla looks quite promising in the trailer a fair opinion cannot be formulated without actually taking a look at its gameplay. Additionally, with the rise of microtransactions in the gaming world, gamers are probably worried that this game will not contain timesavers like its predecessor did or any other money hogging stuff.  

The game will release on June 19 this year, on the current consoles as well as the next-generation PS5 and Xbox series X. Along with that, the game will also be available on Google’s Stadia.

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