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Whatsapp Status to start ads in 2020

Whatsapp can now start showing ads in the nearby future. Facebook has previously announced that instead of showing ads on WhatsApp directly, the company can show ads on WhatsApp Status update in order to monetize the WhatsApp. But later they gave up the idea of showing ads on WhatsApp as they fear the user may get angrier and the popularity of the app can be reduced which is now used by approx 2 Billion people.

The famous social media industry commentator Matt Navarra tweeted on his twitter handle about the details of the WhatsApp to get ads on WhatsApp status.

Previously the idea of showing ads on WhatsApp was soo vague that the founders of the WhatsApp messaging app Brian Acton and Jan Koum quit their job two years ago.

Now according to reports, Facebook has again started thinking about showing ads on WhatsApp by using the phone number of its users and match the accounts of the users and then show them targeted ads.
Now after a year, later WhatsApp is now all set to launch ads on WhatsApp for collecting revenue from the app.
It will be now interesting to see when will WhatsApp launch ads on his platform and how will users react to this

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