160K Nintendo Accounts were impacted in the last hacking attack

Earlier today Nintendo confirmed that login IDs and passwords of some 160,000 Nintendo Network ID accounts have been compromised and were accessed illegally by some other users.

Sensitive information of the users such as nicknames, date of birth, country, and email addresses were being accessed during the data breach. Also, some of the users have reported that their accounts were used for fraudulent purchase. Nintendo is advising its users to enable two-factor authentication in their accounts.

Nintendo Accounts ID login disabled 

Nintendo said that they have disabled the login of their accounts from NNID (Nintendo Network IDs) and also they said that will notify the affected users via email and also said that if you are using the same account and password credit card / PayPal it can be accessed illegally to made purchase.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and concern to our customers and related parties. In the future, we will make further efforts to strengthen security and ensure safety so that similar events do not occur

the company said.

The company said that they are contacting the impacted users via email with a Nintendo ID and Password reset link. The users are recommended to change the password with a different password and also to enable two-factor authentication. 

We are aware of reports of unauthorised access to some Nintendo Accounts and we are investigating the situation

Nintendo spokesperson told

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