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Mozilla Firefox Releases VPN App For Android And Windows 10

Open Source web browser Mozilla Firefox has been casually releasing its own paid virtual private network (VPN) known as Firefox Private Network VPN. Earlier Mozilla launched For Windows Users and now and now it has released an Android app for it.

The Firefox VPN app comes with no bandwidth restrictions, even when using public Wi-Fi. You will have to wait for an invitation, after which you can download the app on your Android device or Windows 10 computer, connect to a server of your choice and start browsing.

The VPN powered by Mullvad claims to not keep activity logs of any kind. The VPN follows a new WireGuard protocol that “utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography” and is said to be simpler and perform better than IPsec and OpenVPN protocols You can read more about the WireGuard protocol here.

The Firefox Private Network works the new WireGuard standard rather than traditional protocols such as OpenVPN or IPsec. WireGuard offers performance, power efficiency, and privacy benefits over protocols such as OpenVPN, but it’s not in a stable form as of yet. Most commercial and free VPNs, therefore, are not supporting Wire Guard as of now. This is the primary differentiating factor for the Firefox Private Network.

Firefox Private Network VPN only works in the US for now, as Mozilla says extension to other countries is happening later. It also notes that this is “limited-time beta pricing. Mozilla is also tested on VPN service on iOS, Mac, and Linux users.

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