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“Qualcomm 5G antennas are too big” – Says Apple

Apple which is known all over the world for its sleek and premium smartphones says that the Qualcomm antennas are too big and it will hinder the apples sleek designs. QTM 525 millimeter-wave antenna module was offered by Qualcomm to Apple.

According to a report in Fast Company, in a year where the 5G radio will be the new iPhone’s spotlight feature, Apple has decided to design the phone’s antenna itself.

According to our sources, Apple is working on its own to build up 5G handsets. However, Qualcomm will still provide the 5G modem chip for the iPhones.
However, Apple typically designs on several tracks, and it’s concurrently working on another design that uses both the Qualcomm modem and antenna the Fast company report added.

All this happening clears the future of the iPhone as it will have a better and away sleeker design than ever before earlier the apple bought the patent for the in-Display fingerprint scanner making this thing cooler.
On the other hand, Qualcomm says QTM 525 antenna module will “support 5G smartphone designs sleeker than 8 millimeters thick. Which says the iPhone will be thinner this time.

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