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WhatsApp VS Telegram: WhatsApp Is Dangerous, Says Telegram CEO

Recently, digital forensic analysis disclosed that Amazon boss Jeff Bezos’ iPhone was hacked via a WhatsApp message, by Crown Saudi Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman. However, Telegram’s CEO Pavel Durav WhatsApp’s message, Telegram CEO Paul Durov has blasted the Facebook-owned instant messaging platform for misleading its customers about using end-to-end encryption.

“WhatsApp’s ‘corrupt video’ vulnerability was present not only on iOS but also on Android and even Windows Phone devices. Meaning, on all mobile devices with WhatsApp, installed,” Durov created in an article late Thursday.WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption is a marketing strategy Durov said, ” Telegram started end-to-end encryption of mass communication years before WhatsApp followed set.”

Durov also claimed that WhatsApp chat is not encrypted in iCloud and google drive. Enforcement agencies are not too happy with encryption, pushing app developers to personally plant vulnerabilities in their apps. Some of the agencies approached telegram to cooperate, but they refused. As a result, Telegram is banned in some countries where WhatsApp has no issues.

Earlier, WhatsApp had discloses 12 vulnerabilities in 2019 out of which, 7 were said to be dangerous. On another side Telegram used by millions of peoples, including governing officials and corporate executives has had no issues of that severity in the last 6 years, says Telegram chief.

In a recent interview with the BBC, Nick Clegg, Facebook VP of Global Affairs and Communications said what happened to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was not WhatsApp’s fault as end-to-end encryption cannot be hacked.

Following the leaks from the Whatsapp group, Britain’s conservative party turned from a Facebook-owned messaging app to Signal. The signal is a completely open-source, free, secure, and private instant messaging platform, just like WhatsApp (apart from the fact that it’s open, secure, and private).

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