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Tesla Powerwall Returns More Than Expected, Aussie home powered for simply A$0.46c per day

Four years ago, Tesla installed its first Powerwall battery pack in an Australian home, and now the resident Pfitzner family has unveiled how much impact the energy-saving measure had. Nick Pfitzner became the part of the Tesla Powerwall battery to install the energy storage not only first in Australia and also one of the first in the world is now helping them to save $8,463.42 on the price of their power over four years.

This resulted in the Pfitzner family saving approximately $ 5,700 (AU $ 8,463) on their electricity bills which includes usage of the air- conditioning and other electrical products.

“For many families, these results sit firmly in the ‘too good to be true’ realm,” says Chris Williams, CEO & Founder of Natural Solar.
The Pfitzner household’s Tesla Powerwall battery is connected to a 5kWp solar system and earlier they paid $579.29 a quarter to power their four-bedroom home. Nearly 92 % drop in electricity bill to just $45.16 per quarter.

Since this initial high profile battery installation in January 2016, the market for battery storage truly skyrocket. Powerwall battery is largely accepted and received more than 425,000 consumer inquiries for battery power and has installed thousands of battery storage systems in houses around the country.

On a global scale, there has been a 15,000 percent increase in home battery installations in the last four years. If all 2 million families in Australia with solar panels also established a battery, it would decrease carbon emissions by up to 13B tonnes yearly.

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