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How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on Android and iPhone?

There come many times that we want to screenshot an entire webpage or some scrolling on Instagram or a whole chat on WhatsApp. Though the iPhone provides the feature to take long screenshots from Siri, Android won’t. So here we come up with a tutorial to take scrolling screenshots on both the devices.

Android Tutorial

  • Download and install the LongShot App from Play Store by clicking here
  • Open the LongShot app and to automatically take a screenshot as you scroll click on Auto Capture.
  • Click on the capture screenshot button.
  • A Start button will appear in green color, Now go to the screen you want to capture and click on the Start Button.
  • Scroll down and click on done when completed.
  • Now click on the Join button to merge all the screenshots. Adjust them as per need.
  • The screenshot will appear in the storage in the folder “LongShot”.

Alternative: Stitch it! for Android (Click to download)

iPhone Tutorial ($0.99 or Free)

  • Paid App worth $0.99
    • Download and install the Picsew App from Apple App Store by clicking here
    • Now take multiple screenshots of the screen you want.
    • Open the Picsew App and select the screenshot to merge.
    • It will automatically merge the screenshots and will remove the common part too.
    • You can also manually edit the long screenshot too. Picsew offers features like
      • to remove the status bar
      • to add copyright text
      • to add a device frame
      • to add a border
      • to blur the image parts
      • to annotate the screenshot

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