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Hack a Tesla and Win Model 3 and $500,000

Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) is offering a fresh-new Tesla Model 3 and $1 Million to any hacker if he manages to hack the Tesla Model 3. The contest is named “Pwn2Own” CNET Roadshow reported.

The objective of the contest is to found out the vulnerabilities in digital systems and to remove them before any potential hacking attack.

In Tier 1 challenges, The ZDI contest offers an individual Model 3 and $500,000 cash prize if he/she is able to compromise the operating system of a Tesla completely. Other categories like “infotainment root persistence,” “autopilot root persistence,” and “arbitrary control of the CAN Bus” will receive the cash prize up to $200,000.

Tier 2 challenges include breaching the infotainment, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or model, and the hacker will be rewarded up to $500,000 while Tier 3 challenges include the breach of any sub-system that prize the hacker with $35,000.

According to the official ZDI website, there are six categories in which hackers can participate. These are –

  • Automotive Category
  • Server-Side Category
  • Virtualization Category
  • Web Browser Category
  • Enterprise Applications Category
  • Local Escalation of Privilege Category

The hack is scheduled between March 18-20 at the CanSecWest conference in Vancouver. The contest includes a number of software and tools to compromise including Google Chrome, Adobe Reader, Oracle VirtualBox, Office 365 Pro Plus, Windows 10, Ubuntu Desktop, etc. Hackers will receive points for each hack and the hacker with the most points in the contest will be awarded the crown “Master of Pwn”.

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