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Bytedance & TikTok has built a Deepfakes maker

ByteDance, the parent company of famous app TikTok, has developed an unreleased app that let users to insert their face into someone else’s video. This is achieved by using Deepfakes technology called as Face Swap. This code not only works in TikTok but Douyin app also uses the technology. It works by taking a multi-angle biometric scan of user’s face and then selection of desired videos.

Steps involved in Face Swapping technology :-

  1. Scanning the face;
  2. Selection of video;
  3. Making of the face changed video;
  4. All set to share.

However, the technology has not launched yet. It has its merits and demerits too. A better and fun platform can come out if only limited selection of videos are allowed. It might also raise awareness of the technology so more people are aware that they shouldn’t believe everything they see online. Inspite of the fun part, misuse of the technology can be done using sensitive data.

Face swapping has been popular since a long period of time. Many companies like Morphin app and Snapchat are among those popular apps that offers face swap feature. Morphin allows to make GIFS while Standalone apps offers us live face swap feature. Chinese Deepfakes app Zao has been the most problematic thing in Face swap as it deals with security risks of the users.

The Deepfakes Face Swap will be fully functional in China and USA even if it never launches officially. The unlaunching of the feature doesn’t affect the company. But the situation is at least restricting the use of features by the people in large numbers. US has banned TikTok for its Navy. Again, Bytedance and TikTok is under investigation in US. Deepfake fears could further heighten scrutiny.

However, the point is that it’s a technology having both advantages and disadvantages in it. Using the latest technologies with proper care and responsibility can make things much better.

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