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New Motorola Razr sales delayed

Motorola, the company known for providing long lasting body material and battery life in it’s phones, is at the public eye since few days because of the new Motorola Razr 2020. The unforeseen price of $1,500 is a bolt from the blue. The demand is quite high as Motorola Razr is the first folding phone offered by the company. The company and it’s associates have to postpone the launch dates as it is a quite difficult task to confront with the demand of the phone.

The company has assured it’s customers that the dates of launching will not be delayed much. However no information has been given about the exact launch dates.

Motorola is not facing any technical difficulties regarding the delay in launch dates but the only problem is the high demand out there. Earlier the launch date was finalized in late December but now the people, who have registered themselves for the device in large numbers, will have to wait till the launch date.

Being similar to Samsung Galaxy Fold Razr is much cheaper than it. New Razr has OLED display and looks similar to the old Razr from outer appearance.

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