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Microsoft Unveils New Logo Along With 100 New Icons

Today, Microsoft reveals the new windows logo design and not only this, Microsoft teases a complete change in 100 of its icons. From last November, Microsoft is in talks of changing the logos but it takes them almost a year to swamp all of them.

Last year, Microsoft unveils new office icons but now with different colors and gradients, new icons appear. As per a Medium report, Jon Friedman, Head of Microsoft Office design unveils the new icons. He announced that a new ripple effect is added to kick out the old dated icons.

 From mild to wild, we explored a multitude of design directions and listened to customers around the world. We learned what didn’t resonate with people (flat design and muted colors) and what did (depth, gradations, vibrant colors, and motion), all of which drove our decisions.

Jon Friedman, Head of Microsoft Office

The icons gradient and fluent tweaks the sense of 3D icons. It is expected that Microsoft will use these icons not only on windows but on Xbox and Hololens too. Microsoft is working to unify its product designs

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