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Solar Power Station in Space by 2035: China

The China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) announced that China will build a Solar power station in the space by 2035. The plan is to build a 200-ton megawatt space-based solar power station.

Wang Li, Researcher at CAST stated in the sixth China-Russia Engineering Forum that the station will capture sun-rays that never make it way down to Earth. The energy will be collected in the form of microwaves or a laser beam and then beamed back to Earth for consumption.

We hope to strengthen international cooperation and make scientific and technological breakthroughs so that humankind can achieve the dream of limitless clean energy at an early date. Compared with traditional fossil energy, which has been increasingly exhausted and is responsible for severe environmental issues, space-based solar power is more efficient and sustainable, providing a reliable power supply solution for satellites and disaster-hit areas or isolated areas on the Earth

Wang Li, CAST

The concept first comes into existence by science fiction author Isaac Asimov in 1941 and it gets popularised. Now, China will make the concept of collecting solar energy in space a reality.

Initially, China has invested around Rs. 2,032 Million (200 Million Yuan) for a testing base in Bishan, China for the research of wireless high-power transmission and its impacts on environments.

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