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Trell The Video Pinterest Of India

Trell is a community-based platform where users, enabling discovery through meaningful content in various Indian languages. Originated in August 2017 Trell mainly targeted millennials to share and experience food, books, movies, and travel.

All Content in the Trell Platform is original. Trell was begun by Pulkit Agarwal, Prasanth Sachan, Arun Lodhi and Bimal Karthik Rebba. Trell helps users for looking for meaningful content and also for aspiring vloggers who wish to create their videos based on users’ interest.

Trell aims to be the biggest community video platform by 2021. The Trell also has features like create, discover, shop and share. Users can discover and experience the best of fashion and beauty tips, food recipes, new travel destinations, and budget travel, review movies and T.V shows, health tips and so much.

Trell is available in 4 languages(Hindi, English, Telugu, and Tamil). Another major highlight is there is a shop feature that allows can search for videos for buying products.

Aspiring vloggers can endorse their brand and can earn from this platform. Like other apps, Trell also features trending topics on the user’s home page under the featured section. The company raised $1.25 million in seed round funding from several individual investors, Sprout Ventures, WEH Ventures, and Beenext.

Recently Community-based platform Trell raised $304,268 from existing investor Singapore based Beenext. The Bangalore based startup has gained 1 million creators as per the latest report from the company side. 100 million monthly active users. Trell has now 5 million downloads from the app store. The main competitor is Tripoto a Gurgaon travel startup which focussed on social travel platform to share and discover travel experiences.

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