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Intel’s AI Brain Will Speed Boost Your Laptop

We use Artificial Intelligence in our daily life. From Google AI to Smart Speakers, we are almost covered with AI. But so far, there is not as such hardware available that can accelerate the speed of your laptop device and the thing is going to change very soon.

During the Intel’s 2019 AI Summit, It is reported that Intel is coming up with AI-Brains that will boost the speed of your Laptop. Intel reveals its first chip to perform Artificial Intelligence tasks in the cloud. Many advancements in AI can be seen in the last few years. From capturing photographs with AI sensors to completely advancement in-home tools, we can see AI roles.

Intel unveils two new Nervana Neural Network Processors, the NNP-T1000 and NNP-I1000. From small computers to supercomputers, these chips will perform critical inference tasks.

According to a report of CNET, “Intel has two dedicated AI processor families: Nervana data center chips and Movidius chips for small devices like cameras. The company expects $3.5 billion in revenue from AI products in 2019.

Not only the two chips but a next-gen Movidius Vision Processing Unit also appears in the summit that promises 10 times better efficiency in the inference performance. The chips will be available in the market in the middle-2020.

You’re going to see this benefiting everybody, because the whole purpose of the computer is shifting to be an AI machine. A lot of your experiences are going to start relying on AI capabilities, even in your laptop.

Dr. Naveen G. Rao, Corporate Vice President, Artificial Intelligence Products Group, Intel

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