Huawei launches HarmonyOS – What’s New?

At Huawei Developer Conference, the company’s Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu finally announced its own mobile OS – “HarmonyOS”. The HarmonyOS has been in development from years, but now it is going to launch as Huawei faces the threat of losing access to Android systems amid escalating US-China trade tensions. Huawei claims that its OS is completely different from Android and iOS.


HarmonyOS is an upcoming open-source, microkernel based distributed OS being developed by “Huawei HiSilicon.” It is launched on 9 August 2019 and it is basically designed for IoT devices. CEO claims that Huawei’s new OS is faster and safer than Android and that is something new because Google is working on Fuchsia with same approach.


It is actually more of a competitor to Google’s upcoming Fuchsia OS making it a more superior to available operating systems. Yu on his stage presentation said that Android isn’t as efficient due to its redundant codes, outdated scheduling mechanism and general fragmentation issues.


The new OS will run on a variety of smart devices, starting with smart TVs. He presented on Honor Vision TV during the presentation. Harmony will be deployed first in Huawei’s smart watches, smart speakers, smart screens and other devices, including “in-vehicle systems.” Devices that use Harmony will be integrated with each other for a better experience. Huawei says that its new OS represents an entirely new generation of operating systems as it enables AI capability in different scenarios from PCs, tablets, and other domains.


Yu said that Huawei can start using its new OS HarmonyOS at any time, but he said that the company is giving priority to Android right now. Let us know what do you think of this new OS and what do you expect from this new OS in the comments section below.

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