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How to check Thermal Throttling in your android Smartphone?

Hello readers today in this article we are going to talk about an important hidden problem which might be there in your phone but you might be never aware of this problem.
So there must have been a time when you have been using your smartphone for long times and you might have seen that your phone is slowing down a bit.
This problem is called as thermal throttling this problem occurs when the CPU of the phone overheats and to reduce the heating the CPU is throttled down or the Speed of the CPU is decreased so that the temperature of the CPU decreases and it doesn’t damage the phone.

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So in this article we will tell how we can see if our smartphones is heavily or moderately throttled, to check this problem we will be using an android app called CPU Throttling Test.
After installing the App we need to open the app and it will show a screen as shown below:

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Then once we reach the above screen we need to press start after starting the process we should not use the phone and it is advised to turn on flight mode to avoid any kind of distraction during the test as even the littlest distraction can change the result.
After the test is done you will be shown a graph as shown in this image below and in this graph the more the throttling the more the red color. So I we notice that the red color starts to appear really soon that means the device is heavily throttled and if it comes after a long time that means the device is working perfectly fine.

ct3 1

Hopefully this will give you an idea about the slow performance of your phone and if you bought a brand new phone and we found out that the new phone is throttled heavily too it is advised to contact the manufacturer about the issue and ask them for resolve via an OTA update as it can be easily fixed with a software update.
Thanks for reading.

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