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Amazon Building a Device to ‘Read Human Emotions’

‘Machines cannot read human emotions’, who says this? If you think that this statement is correct, then my friend you may be wrong. Because Amazon’s already working on it and we may be seeing machines read our emotions and give us suggestions.

amazon, the e-commerce giant, is reported to have been working on a wrist-worn, voice-activated device that may be able to read human emotions as said. This was reported by Bloomberg News on Thursday, who reviewed Amazon’s internal documents and said it to be a health and fitness device. The company’s hardware research and development group Lab126 and the voice software team of Alexa are collaborating on the device. Amazon has previously shown its interest in health sector with its $753 million deal to buy the online pharmacy PillPack. This newly reported device will give the company a major leap into health sector.


According to the report, the device would come equipped with a microphone to listen into a user’s voice and detect their emotional state. Around two years before, Amazon had reported to use a similar system to read people’s emotional state by their vocal patterns to derive. This wearable device is said to use that technology.

Still, Amazon has declined to comment over this. So we are not sure whether this will get into commercial market or not.

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