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Tor Browser Formally Launched for Android.

The Tor Browser, maintained by the security-centered gathering The Tor Project, for its portable variation, has finally discharged a steady form. Discussions have been going on about the Tor program’s looming dispatch on Android for some time, especially after the application’s Alpha form arrived in September 2018. Now, the stable build is finally on the Google Play Store. You can download it by clicking here


The Tor browser is based on Firefox’s core platform, built by The Tor Project (abbreviated from’ The Onion Router’). In addition to using encryption to ensure that no data is intercepted at any point, it has a unique focus on privacy, which it does by using intermediate relay points to mask web traffic activity route between users. Using this model ensures that each webpage is treated as a separate space, thus disabling the cookie-based cross-internet tracking that is usually enforced to serve targeted advertising.

In addition to blocking any tracker and cleaning up cookies when a user leaves a website, the use of encryption by the Tor browser is designed to prevent third-party sources from deciphering what content users are viewing. Information masking also protects user identity throughout the internet, which in turn can prevent cyber attacks like phishing baits and fingerprinting. Note that the browser may have some features missing from the desktop version, but it already has a cross-site tracking mechanism to prevent fingerprinting attacks (a type of attack without breaking encryption to sniff web traffic).

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The Tor browser has already begun to see a volume of downloads on the Play Store, but with many popular websites still pitching access to cookies as mandatory, it remains to be seen whether choosing privacy ends up at the cost of missing out on some of the most popular websites.

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