Never Get Bored Again With this App.

Hello Readers I am literally laughing while writing this article just because of this app we are going to talk about.

So while surfing through we stumbled upon this app called Neverthink: Handpicked videos

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As they say in their app description we are repeating that too this might be the most leanback video watching experience.

So what does this app do?
The main idea behind this app is that you need not to anything to watch videos which you will probably like.
This app surfs through one video after another automatically and you have no other option.

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When you start the app it gives us the option to choose the channels that we would like so after choosing those channels it shows us videos related to those channels one after another,there is a channel called memes if you select this it is like an endless supply of memes.

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After selecting the channels you just confirm and the app will start it will show on videos related to that channel endlessly.

So what makes this app special?

The videos which we see in these apps are 100% handpicked so there is a very high chance that we would like the video that is being shown to us.

So whenever you are bored open this app and get ready for endless supply of entertainment.

Hopefully this app will help you relieve your boredom,give it a try and do let us know.

Thanks for reading.

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