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Smart Vehicles at a glance !

People are all torpids in this technological generation. If there is an exception, just throw them in the bermuda triangle. We always want our jobs to be done, even better, if someone does that for us. The rife call them dominant and the ticklish call them smart. This is what, which lead the world to “Smart” works : Smart-phone, smart-home, smart-cards, smart-cities, smart-tv, smart-watch etc and etc.

One such innovation is the automated cars which falls under the category SMART_VEHICLES.  An autonomous vehicle is nothing that helps you move from one place to the other without human help. That means no licence, The most important point to be noted is they are being developed only for electric cars.

Whether we welcome them or not they are gonna roll on the roads very soon. Autonomous vehicles will be a staple of modern culture, with nearly 10 million cars to trash the highways by 2020. It’s true that the self-driving cars are still in their infancy. Anyone living in metropolitan cities would not deny that parking is a tedious process. A new study has given a shot of arrow that autonomous cars could create muddles in parking.

Though this may sound like a yum and potential enliven in owning a autonomous car it can lead to baleful transportation in the hereafter. The researchers of San-fransisco have found that a relatively small amount of 2,000 self-driving cars in t a town can slow traffic to less than 2 miles per hour.In a smart city, cars could be monitored and controlled, optimizing traffic pattern via an IOT ecosystem.

Uber has developed cars to enjoy riding where ever you want to go and just when you have reached your location it goes of on its own and there will not be a parking issue. Though, they are not grown up to prevent an accident. They cant manage a situation where 10 cars concurrently that might end up in a boom. Not for pride, not for upgradement, lets think twice in replacing humans with machines and codes.

Choose to drive slow and enjoy the scenery or drive fast and be a part of the scenery.

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