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How to secure yourself from the eyes of Google?

Google tracks each and every movement of your day to day life if you own an android phone!!!!

So Today we are writing this articles to tell our readers how google tracks each and every movement of yours and guess what, you have given the permission on your own to track these data.

So lets get started,

Follow the steps written below to upgrade your privacy

1) Head over to this Link – Google|My Account (if you are not logged to google you will be asked to login).

2) Then Click on data and personalisation

3) Now Scroll to the activity control section

4) After that Click on Manage your  activity controls

5) Then the Following page will open -> On this page, click on the encircled Check Box -> this will open a new dialog as shown in the middle page -> then click on pause and web & app activity will be disabled.

6) Repeat the same process with the next four check boxes as shown below :

7) After completing the above process Google will no longer be able to track you.

8) Now only one more process is left,

Go to the following link to turn of google tracking ads data. httpss://

9) The following Page will come up – > then click on that checkbox -> a dialog will come up and press on Turn Off

And Voila, Now your data will be completely safe from Google.


The Only downside to this method is that google search result will become less accurate,your android data will not be synced,you wont be able to use “ok Google” or Google Voice search, your youtube search history and video history will be deleted.

Disclaimer – Tech Infinite is not responsible for any damage or data loss.

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