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How to skip annoying Youtube ads?

Can I get Youtube without ads? Possibly many of you got this question in your mind.

We all are really very annoyed by skipping the Youtube ads. So I guess almost everyone is tired of skipping ads on Youtube….isn’t it absolutely annoying to wait for 5 seconds just to skip those ads.

Well, Team tech infinite is working hard to give the best information to you. So readers, for you we have exclusively cover the skipping of ads on Youtube. Well here is the solution to that problem that is Skip Ads.

So what does this app do?

It does absolutely what its title says plus a little more. Whenever any youtube video with an ad starts it automatically presses on the skip video button so that you don’t need to do anything. This is literally a boon for all the lazy persons because they don’t need to move anymore for skipping ads xD.

The app is even well built, the design of this app is amazing.

This is the home screen of the app

In this page it shows the amount of time we watched the video and also the number of total ads skipped.

There is a premium feature called the mute ads which helps in muting the ads so that you don’t get annoyed by the sound of the app which is even a better feature.

check out the amazing demo below


Here is the download link for the app – Skip Ads

The mute feature is only available in the premium version which costs ₹100 here is the app link – Skip Ads+

Happy reading.


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