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How to make RAM out of Pendrive in Windows 10?

RAM or Random Access Memory. It is a very vital component of a computer system that decides the performance of the whole device. In easy words, more is the RAM space, the better is the performance of the PC. Now, Windows 10 is a Microsoft-based operating system that is widely used by most PC users today.

And to the users of Windows 10, the fact is not concealed that it requires a decent amount of RAM to function properly. So, let’s ponder on such a method that will help to increase the RAM on Windows 10 using a Pendrive or a flash memory device.

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Steps to follow to use a flash memory device as Random Access Memory:

Step 1– Insert the flash device on the PC. Once it appears in the Files section, Right-click on it and select Properties.

Step 2– After clicking on Properties, a new window will open. Select the Advanced System Settings option present there.

Step 3– After clicking, a small window will again pop- out. Click on the Settings button present in the Performance section.

Step 4– Now on the new window, click on the Advanced Tab. Select the Change button present in the Virtual Memory section.

Step 5– Now uncheck the section that reads Automatically Manage Page Size Feature. Now select the custom size and choose the flash memory device out of the devices available.

Now the only thing that is needed to be done is to select the amount of storage space that should be used as RAM. Make sure not to increase the size more than that of the Pendrive’s capacity.

Thus, an easy yet very much helpful method to use at any time to increase the virtual RAM in Windows 10.

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