Google unveils new smartphones, laptops and earbuds

Google on Tuesday announced a new lineup of hardware which includes new Pixel devices as follows:

pixel 4 event 400093

The gestural Pixel 4:

The show stopper was the Pixel 4 & 4 XL, the successor to the Pixel 3. The Pixel 4 now comes in new and beautiful color scheme which includes white, black & orange.


The highlight in this new device was its rear camera arrangement, where you can find the second camera lens which adds a telephoto option to mix, which helps in capturing sharp images even at higher zoom levels. Also, the phone now gets another level of photography. The most impressive addition is the new astrophotography option, built atop Google’s improved Night Sight low-light photography software. It lets users take photos of stars without having to worry about factors like the Earth’s rotation or your phone’s exposure or shutter settings.

Also, the Pixel 4 line-up has this new gesture feature where you will wave and it will act accordingly. It includes a Soli Radar Chip. The Soli radar chip is able to sense motion and users will be able to “skip songs, snooze alarms and silence phone calls” by waving their hand in front of the phone. The technology was developed internally by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects team.

The Google Assistant is 10 times faster than its previous version. Now, it can process the voice command faster and also the ability to understand the speech is more accurate.

Google confirmed that the new phone will be available in either the 5.7-inch screen Pixel 4 (from $799) or the 6.3-inch Pixel 4 XL (from $899). The handsets will go on sale on 24th of October.

The advanced Nest Mini:


Google is updating the design of its now rebranded Google Nest Mini, part of the change of Google’s Home products to the Nest platform. The Nest Mini still looks like a disc just like the old one but now it has some extra fabric which now looks good and suits your home. Also, it has this new LED indicator on its sides for playback controls on the device.

A refreshed Pixel Book:

pixelbook go

This Pixel Book is now lighter and faster than its previous version Pixel Book Go which runs on ChromeOS. It has a 12 hours battery life and much quieter keyboards. It also supports fast charging to get two hours of use out of a 20 minutes charge. The price for this Pixel Book starts from $649 and is available in two colours black and pink.

All new Pixel Buds:

pixel buds clearly white

Google also launched a new pair of Pixel Buds a wireless one. They support Google Assistant and also supports real time translation; they also have a “spatial vent” to provide environmental awareness despite the Pixel Buds’ in-ear design.


They also support a long-range Bluetooth which remains connected up to 3 rooms away. They last five hours on a single charge, and up to a day when paired with its wireless charging case. They are priced for $179 and will be available in 2020.

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