PUBG Mobile Lite Is Now Available In India

On 26th July’ 2019 Tencent Games made a great move in India. They launched PUBG Mobile Lite in India. This version allow the users with low powered smartphones to enjoy awesome battle royale action without having to deal with poor graphics and stutter. Also within just three days of its launch, the game has become the top free game on Google’s Play Store.

The idea behind PUBG Mobile Lite is to run the game on the devices with low ram. And also without ruining the overall experience of the official game. It also acquires less space as compared to the official game. This is key, because most low powered phones comes with less memory also. It comes in 401 MB in size which is very less as compared to PUBG mobile as it takes around 2 GB after installation. This version reduces the data usage and also aims that you don’t suffer much if you are on a poor connection. These optimizations include an enhanced aim assist, as well as an engine that suppresses weapon recoil and an algorithm that adjusts the bullet trail to compensate for slow data transfer. 

So if your in India and have a potato phone, don’t worry now it’s your time to have an official battle royale. Go and download it for free on Google Play Store.

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