World’s First Gaming Browser Coming?

Opera Software has just announced a new web browser, the creator of the popular Opera browser, and the truth is it just shocked us. Yes, Opera Software has just launched the all-new Opera GX, the first gaming browser in the world, yes, it’s essentially designed for gaming.

The web browser has not yet been released, but its existence is revealed by a page on the Opera website and highlights that it is coming soon. Interested users may submit their email address to be notified when Opera Software releases the first version of the web browser.

Opera GX 696x315
Opera GX

The interface resembles only to some extent that of the Opera web browser. It features the side panel and with its squared tabs, it uses the same main toolbar layout. Extensions, History, and Settings are linked to the side panel icons. The side panel has a new icon that looks like an indicator of speed found in benchmarks and tweaking applications.

A gamepad icon next to that is listed in the main toolbar. Using a slider on the Opera website, you can change the color of the interface; whether this is a functionality indicator or not is unclear due to lack of information.

Of course, Opera GX will be based on Chromium code; all regular Opera browser versions are, and Opera Software knows the browser’s ins and outs well. Opera Software may implement all kinds of browser optimizations to improve the gaming experience, ranging from removing CPU or memory-impact features to speed and memory tweaks.

So, these are the assumption that we made about the upcoming gaming browser. Let’s wait about the complete launching. We will soon add on the beta version.

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