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How to secretly see whatsapp messages?

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What we all want is to read all the received messages without being notified by the sender, but the Karma come in between when we switch to Whatsapp’s No Blue Tick Feature. Even we don’t get then whether the receiver read our message or not. So here Tech Infinite bring some good news for you! Now, you can see these whatsapp messages and even from some messaging app without knowing the sender. Not only messages, you can enjoy media files too! How wonderful it is.

We know that you haven’t think that such thing can happen but yeah now you can do all this. So there is an app for this.

This app is called Unseen – No Last Seen or Read

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Unseen – No Last Seen or Read

This app which is available for free in Play Store let you see whatsapp message from anyone without notifying the sender

This app works on Messenger,Whatsapp and Viber.

Screenshot Image

This app is really easy to use when you receive any message in either of these 3 apps you will automatically receive the same message in this app and you can read the whole conversation there just like magic.

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There is even an option for message chat heads which will make it easier for you to see the messages anywhere

Screenshot Image

There is also an interesting feature where you can see all the media files from whatsapp without changing its last seen to the sender.

Screenshot Image

Screenshot Image

Give this app a try if you want to hide your last seen for any reasons.


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