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How to Walk and Earn Money – Tech Infinite Exclusive

Hello readers,

Today we at Tech Infinite going to share an app with you guys which will help you to earn a little bit of Paytm Cash as You walk.

This app is called Thunderpod – The Fitness Game

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It is developed by the company called By the same name. This app aims to increase the fitness of people by rewarding them as and when they take steps.

When we open the homepage we would see a stone character which is our character and below the character we would find the steps we took that day and the number of steps required to complete the goals.

The more goals we complete and the more activity we do the more fit will be our thunderpod its body changes according to our activity level.

The more you complete each and every goal the more you get rewarded with their own currency which can be converted into paytm cash on reaching a minimum of 5000 coins. the value of these coins also fluctuate like share market when more peoples sell coins the value decreases and when the least amount of people sell coins the value increases. at an average 30₹ plus is a good target to sell the coins.

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Luckily we can earn even more coins by participating in challenges by clicking on the trophy icon some challenges are free whereas some challenges are paid and their own currency is being used to register on these challenges.the more you walk the more you complete the challenges the more you will get paid.

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Then there is the social page it is aimed to increase our competitiveness by showing the goals completed by our friends if you have connected this app to Facebook else you will be competing with people who joined with you on the same day.

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On the profile tab it’ll show you the insight and your acheivements

Screenshot Image

Here in this tab it’ll show you how much you walked, how much calorie you burnt et cetera.

The most important thing to remember while using this app is that you must have google fit installed on your device then only it will be able to track you and also you must always carry your phone with yourself while you are walking.

I hope this app will be really helpful to you as it will be able to increase your fitness and also give you some rewards back, please share this app with your friends as it will help you and your friends both to increase the fitness level.

Download Link – Thunderpod

Thanks for reading.

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