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How to surf the web anonymously?

We all surf the internet and search various things all across the world wide web. We all know that our identity is public and anyone can access us with our IP address. Whenever you surf the web, you are being tracked even if you’re browsing in incognito or private mode. Many of you might get the thought to surf anonymously so that you can search anything and without any problem of being tracked. So here, Tech Infinite brings the ultimate methods to surf anonymously.

Let’s start.

1. Server Cookies Setup :

Cookies are often stored by websites and it’s very common now-a-days but many times cookies are used to steal your sensitive informations. So, it is must to setup server cookies. To maintain such things, you start browsing website with HTTPS enabled. For Internet explorer users, ZSCALER TOOLS is best. It allows HTTPS everywhere for Internet Explorer.

2. Use VPN while using Public Wi-Fi :

I see people often do uses public hotspots for free internet but it is one of the worst way to access internet. I advice our readers to not use public unprotected Wi-Fi without the use VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it can be created very easily. Windows and MAC users can use VPN by simply using TOR browser and Android users can easily use it by using Orbot (TOR for Android). TOR uses VPN’s and helps you to surf 100% with anonymity. You can also surf DEEP/DARK Web with TOR Browser.

3. Use Browser’s inbuilt Privacy tools :

There are a good number of apps, tools, extensions, plugins available to help you in surfing anonymously. Browser of modern era already include so many security features inbuilt in them. Third- Party extnsions and plugins can help to aid you in browsing with anonymity.

Chrome provides the best security features as far now. Just go to settings of the browser and then to privacy and security, allow “Do Not Track” request with your browsing traffic there and you will be all set to browse with no tracking.


So, we are all set by allowing the same in Chrome.


So, readers here we showcased 3 powerful methods. Tune in with us and we will help you more with more powerful tips and aware you with what’s going in your daily life and how much you’re unaware of it. We at tech Infinite want our readers to enjoy every story coverage. Hope, you like the article.

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