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How to check Battery health and performance?

So I guess you guys have tried benchmarking apps like antutu, geekbench and compared you scores with your friends.

Texts Battery Benchmark

So all these apps could benchmark your device’s cpu and gpu performance but have you ever wondered or have you ever wanted to benchmark your battery life or was there any time when you wanted to check your battery health here is a great news for you there is this new app called Texts Battery Benchmark which helps you do the same.

So I recently tried this app and I was completely amazed by the usefulness of this app.

The app is quite simple and plain but the features aren’t that plain and simple.

This is the home page of the app as we can see it is quite simple and all the necessary features needed is present here.

The Quick test and full test both starts a series of tests like CPU Stress Test, Multimedia Test, Web Browsing Test, Camera Test, Video Recording Test and finally messaging test.

The Quick Test uses up to 15% of battery life to give an approximate battery life based on that and it also gives a Score, my phone got a score of 48580 and average battery life of 149mins this test is very useful when we want to test it but we don’t have a lot of time to spare.

BUT THIS FULL TEST it blew my mind, it took me a whole night to complete this test but I must say it was absolutely worth it because it showed me my battery health even though I knew my battery had become weak but this app made me sure and it also showed my which cells in my battery was damaged.

These is the history page and the result page.

The full test and quick test are mentioned in their names and on clicking them we are sent to this respective result page which tells us the score and the average battery life, the above images are from the samples that’s why these are not actual result.

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This is the original result of my phone’s full test I was surprised to see how damaged my battery was after charging twice daily for the last three years. I wasn’t surprised that my battery was this much damaged but I was surprised by the fact that an app could show me my battery health like this, hats off to the developer for this amazing idea.

So you must be skeptical if this app is accurate or not but guess what it turned out to be accurate I looked at the whole battery health and found out that battery cells below 20% was almost all green then I understood that it was all green because I rarely discharged my phone to below 20% that’s why those cells were quite better than the other cells.

VERDICT– this is a must try app both for new users as well as old users the former for benchmarking their battery while the later for checking their battery health.

This App is Not yet Available in the play store but we can download it from the links below

Download Link – Download From Google Drive | Download from Amazon App Store

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Thanks for reading.

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