Is it worth buying the new JAXJOX Kettlebell ?

Tired of buying extra weights for your gym ? JAXJOX  delivers a boom in the fitness market with its 349$ smart kettlebell . KettlebellConnect is an all in one kettlebell which helps you adjust its weight from 12 – 45 lb in order to increase or decrease the level of difficulty of the excercises you can perform with it. The company  received CES 2019 Editor’s choice Award for its unique contribution to the fitness industry.

KettlebellConnect is built in with a rotating weight selection core that locks in and out of the weighted plates which ultimately results in adding or dropping of weights in a matter of seconds. It also adds in a 6 axis family of  motion sensors ( 3 axis gyroscope and 3 axis accelerometer ) to track our movement with utmost accuracy. On a single charge KettlebellConnect can stay active for upto 14 hours ,it packs in two different batteries i.e the Base battery which is an Advanced Rechargeable Cylinder Lithium Ion Battery and the Shell battery which comprises Li-ion polymer battery.

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Download the JAXJOX app and create your account to sync your kettlebell with the app to reach your fitness goals in 2019. According to Stephen Owusu (CEO),  one can connect upto 9 people with one KettlebellConnect , the device tracks your reps, sets,  power generated and rest times and forwards it to the app. After a week of usage the app displays your personal score of strength based on the data collected. The entire product includes a shell, base, 5 KettlebellConnect weights, a USB charger with an adapter and an instruction manual.

The company is offering free shipping of its new product. To all those fitness freaks out there go and grab a copy of the smartest kettlebell on the planet.

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