Instagram restricts direct messaging between teens and adults for safer experiences

Instagram has been working on some updates that make it a safer place for teens to interact with adults that they have and haven’t followed. Read on to know more about the recent update on the platform that helps teens be safe and protect them from cyber harassment. Instgram is one the top social media ... Read more

Whatsapp vs signal which is more privacy-focused and what data they collect

Whatsapp updates the new privacy policy on 4th January has picked up a storm about data collection. WhatsApp will now share more data with parent company Facebook which has raised security concerns. Let's check Whatsapp vs signal which is more privacy focused.

Facebook Bug Exposes Instagram Users Personal Emails and Birthdays

A Facebook bug Exposes Instagram users personal details such as personal email and their birthdays Instagram users. The security bug was discovered by an experienced Bug hunter Saugat Pokharel from Nepal.

Instagram’s New AR Filters For Diwali Festival

About Instagram’s New AR Filters Instagram introduces the new AR filter called ‘Share Your Light’ for Diwali. The filter is inspired by diyas and festive lights. People will not be able to meet each other and celebrate Diwali this year. So, this new filter introduced by Instagram brings everyone closer. Further, Instagram stated, “The aim ... Read more

How to Get Verified on Instagram?

Getting Verified on Instagram is like a high-status mark. It proves your authenticity on Instagram and proves that you are what your page or account says you are. The Verified badge adds a sparkle to your account. Let’s know how you can get the verified mark for your Instagram account. A verified badge is a ... Read more

Facebook Begins Merging Messenger And Instagram Chats in The New Update

According to reports by The Verge Facebook seems to be testing for integrated chat system for Instagram and Messanger. For some Android and IoS users, an update screen popped on Instagram with a list of users including chat with friends who use Facebook.

Zuckerberg’s emails leaked: Bought Instagram to knock- down an entrant

In the very recent days, the text conversations via emails between Mark Zuckerberg and David Ebersman got leaked and made the intentions behind buying Instagram very clear.

IGTV Ads will now let creators earn money

This change will come around in a week only to about 200 Certified English speaking influencers as a beta program. Starting with Instagram ads on IGTV. Influensters include people like Adam Waheed and Lele Pons.

Instagram launched the all New #instaprom sticker

Facebook owned Social Media Application Instagram which is famous for innovative stickers and Instagram filters were in news this Sunday. The all new insta prom stickers were launched amid covid 19 lockdown.

Now Raise Funds Over Instagram Live

This feature will allow dedicated viewers to directly support non-profit organizations endorsed by the streamer, the streamers can choose the organizations they want to support and arrange a live fundraising event