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How to Make a Fake Email ID in Ten Seconds?

There are dozens of sight which require email registrations for usage. But with these registrations come hundreds of spams and vulnerabilities. What if we could fool these registrations or somehow use a fake email address. Yes, we can, follow the below steps and you can use any of the services using the email address and ... Read more

How to Build a Budget PC Under Rs. 5,000?

PC’s are pretty handy. We can almost do everything on them like playing games, work, design, etc. Do you want to buy a PC but don’t have a budget of 20k-30k. Don’t worry, today we will see how to build your own PC setup for just 5K INR. REQUIREMENTS RASPBERRY PI ZERO W — INR ... Read more

How to Turn on Virtualization in Windows?

Ever Faced a problem of Virtualization is not enabled or VT-x Not enabled while installing Android Studio or Virtual Machine or while playing games. In this case, you have to enable or Turn on Virtualization. This problem occurs usually in Windows so here are steps on How to Turn on Virtualization in Windows? To enable ... Read more

How to Connect Your Epic Games And Steam Accounts

When you buy a game on any launcher, you technically do not own the game (this is true for Epic Games and Steam). You own a license to the files and to run the game. Some games will check that this license exists (DRM among just needing to connect to a server). You cannot share ... Read more

How to Avail OnePlus Education Benefits?

OnePlus India has recently announced special instant discounts for Students and Teachers under their Education Benefits. Under this program, they’re providing instant 1000 INR for All OnePlus Smartphones & Televisions & 5% Discounts on all accessories. So let us know How to Avail OnePlus Education Benefits? Go to the OnePlus India website click the below ... Read more

Everything About Aadhar PVC Card, How to Order?

The UIDAI(Unique Identification Authority of India) released an entirely new Aadhar Card, printed on PVC cards, to ease the use of this identity card. The new card is the same size as an ATM or debit card, so you can easily keep it in your purse. The old Aadhar cards were slightly larger in size ... Read more

How to Change UPI Pin?

Unified Payment Interface(UPI) is a single platform that merges several banking services and features under one umbrella. Real-time bank to bank payments or transactions can be made using a Unique virtual payment address(UPI ID). With just a UPI ID and PIN, you can check balance, transfer money via the UPI platform, or UPI payment supported ... Read more

How To Record Zoom Meeting Without Permission?

About Zoom App Zoom Meeting allows people to meet online. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become very popular and has brought a lot of people together. For instance, people are able to take online classes, office conferences with the help of Zoom Meetings. One of the most useful and appreciated features of the Zoom ... Read more

How To Remove Corona Caller Tune

In the time of these pandemics spread due to COVID- 19. The government has taken various steps to spread awareness on how to stop the outspread of this disease. One of the ways that are used by the Department of Telecommunications- Government of India is to make people aware through Corona caller tunes. But, at ... Read more

How to install Anaconda for Windows?

Anaconda is the origin, of Python data science. Here is a complete guide on how to install Anaconda for windows.