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Chrome OS: Installation and Setup On PC

Chrome OS is usually used in Chromebooks. Chromebooks are basically laptops that run on Android OS. They can be pretty handy to use if you are annoyed with your smartphone’s small screen. You can run almost any app you run on your smartphone using this OS. Now let’s see how to install chrome OS on ... Read more

How to disable Secure Boot in Windows 10/8.1/7

Are you willing to dual boot your PC and if yes that you need to disable secure boot in Windows 10 or 8? Secure Boor is a modern technology that is built-in Windows 10 and 8 to make sure that the device boots only using trusted software by OEM. This time we are here with ... Read more

How to Check Internet Speed on Desktop PCs, Android and iOS?

In these challenging times, we are highly dependent on the Internet for all our needs. Shopping Online, Attending Meetings and lectures on Google meet or Zoom, Checking News to know about the happenings in the world, everything needs the Internet. But most of the time, we get low internet speeds or sometimes our devices don’t ... Read more

How to increase internet speed in 2021 (Fast method)

Are you also worried due to slow internet speed? Is your internet speed is also very slow and Do you wanna increase your internet speed? If you agree with all the above statements then not to worry we are here with some solutions and tips to increase internet Speed in 2021.

Move your WhatsApp group to signal

Due to the change in WhatsApp privacy policy, the Signal app is on the top chart of both the App Store and Play Store. We will show you the steps to move your WhatsApp group to Signal.

How to make Pendrive bootable for Windows 10 using CMD?

Nowadays, Windows already comes pre-installed into your system, or either you have to purchase digital and download and install it in your install and install it on your own. If you are looking on How to make pendrive bootable for windows 10 using CMD. So, you are at right place.

How to Start a Petition on

With an increase in the usage of the internet, Online Petition has become a trend with the smallest of issues being raised on various online petition operating platforms such as awaz or Out of all the various platforms, is the most famous in terms of users and reach. How to Start a Petition ... Read more

How to Format a Pen Drive in Windows 7/8/10?

Pen drives or rather flash drives are very important accessories at a present date in the field of IT. We know that formatting a device helps it work efficiently and normally. And in the case of flash drives, we should format a pen drive once before using it for the first time also. And this ... Read more

How to Dual Boot Windows 10 and Kali Linux

The new version of Kali Linux 2020.4 is out for pentesting lovers by Offensive Security with some cool and awesome features and tools. The latest version of Window 10 is available so for the hacking lovers we are with an amazing guide on How to Dual Boot Windows 10 and Kali Linux.

How to embed other websites on your webpage?

Hey ya, Web developers, there is always cool stuff you want to add to your website such as the given moving earth model below? but how do you do that? Just follow the below tags and get along. But first of all, have a look at the earth model I talked about. How to embed ... Read more