Shreya Kumar

The WhatsApp Endgame: A New Beginning or Ending?

You read that right, folks. If you’re someone who likes to keep receipts on the drama going on in your WhatsApp group chat, you might want to sit down for this one. WhatsApp is currently testing out a new Authentication feature, as a part of its next big update. The update includes other security changes, ... Read more

Generating Poems with AI

 If you are simultaneously disappointed by the sad state of affiars in songs and also nostalgic for the kind of lyrics they used to have back in the day, worry not, AI might have the answer. A team of researchers from Kyoto University, consisting of Bei Liu, Jianlong Fu, Makoto P. Kato and Masatoshi Yoshikawa ... Read more

Tunnelling Through Quantum Tunnelling

Those Two Words Quantum tunnelling is the quantum mechanical phenomenon where a subatomic particle passes through a potential barrier that it cannot surmount under the provision of classical mechanics. Imagine this to be somewhat similar to a football that you hit towards a brick wall. Classical physics predicts that the football will not be able to surpass the wall. However, something phenomenal ... Read more

The Upper Hand: Researchers Devise a New Gripper Device

Pick and place operations have, since the invention of robots, been considered the quintessence of robotic operations. Most robot hands are designed to cater to a specific weight/shape/size limit when it comes to handling objects, and can typically not cope with uncertainties in the above mentioned . Source: Jason Dorfman/MIT CSAIL To resolve this, engineers ... Read more

Gait Recognition Behaviour Being Developed by the DISA

The Pentagon- headquarters of the Department of Defense, USA- is developing technology that uses the sensors present inside a smartphone, to recognise subtle biofeedback, like the gait, typing patterns and grip of a person. It’s in the final phase of testing technology that will reduce smartphone users’ reliance on difficult-to-remember passwords or an endless stream ... Read more

Spotify: Now Streaming in India.

It is time to uninstall the VPNs and modified Spotify APKs, for you will not be required to revert to the pirate life every time you want to catch the tunes. That’s right, dear readers, the excruciating wait is over! SPOTIFY is finally available in India. What is Spotify and why is it relevant? Spotify- ... Read more

The Sweet Taste Of Reality.

As a child, reading about Bertie Bott’s ‘Every Flavoured Beans’ in the famous Harry Potter series truly fascinated me. Living in a Muggle world, I had to rely on a powerful imagination cultivated by devouring a plethora of books to understand the subtle tastes that the Beans mention. Young readers who pick up the classics in ... Read more

The Moon Landing: Part 2

Source: In a major milestone on the ever growing space exploration voyage, SpaceX has launched a dishwasher sized, Israeli spacecraft, Beresheet- named after the Hebrew word for “the beginning”. Beresheet-keeping true to its moniker- is expected to be the first Israeli Spacecraft to travel beyond the Earth’s orbit, and also the first privately funded ... Read more

5G on Wheels : Smart Highways.

China’s largest telecommunications carrier service, China Mobile, recently announced that it would be testing out “smart highways”- city scale network of roads capable of supporting cellular network coordinated transportation. The roads are currently in construction in centrally located Hubei Province, of China. This comes as a breakthrough in the 5G race. However this isn’t the ... Read more

More Than 30 Seconds to Mars

“Mars isn’t the kind of place to raise your kids. In fact, it’s cold as hell.”-Sir Elton John While the writer of the famous Sir Elton John ballad was of the opinion that Mars-named after the Roman God of war for its bloody-battlefield-esque appearance- wasn’t a suitable place to include in your search for a ... Read more