Palak Vora

The Dark Side Of AI

When I am asked for instance, is artificial intelligence a threat, looking at the future of artificial intelligence I would ignore the dark side and look for the positives. All the good that artificial intelligence is doing for the world, amounts to equal bad if not monitored. I agree with the phrase that there are ... Read more

Top 5 Noteworthy Companies In AI World

Artificial Intelligence is a hot course to choose for students from all over the world. Taking into consideration the deficiency in people with good AI skills and an increase in the demand for AI professionals, students are opting to pursue specialization in AI and ML predicting a great future in the industry. Similarly, all the ... Read more

Top 5 Countries Leading The AI Race

As I mentioned in one of my earlier post, the Russian president Vladimir Putin has given a statement for the importance of Artificial Intelligence in future with a bold prediction that whichever country will establish a strong ground in AI will be the ruler of the world. With an increase of more than 60% in ... Read more

Flipboard Hacked Twice, User Information Leaked

Flipboard is a news aggregator and social aggregator company based in Palo Alto, California established since 2010. As it nears almost 10 years, Flipboard has announced that it has experienced a data and security breach. After major companies like eBay, Uber, Facebook, Fortnite, Dunkin’ Donuts, etc. experiencing security and data breach in the past few ... Read more

India May Expect An Index To Rank States On AI Adoption Readiness

NITI Aayog, the think tank of India has proposed yet another index to rank the states on. This comes after it has already established a few indices for the ranking system of states. Health, education, water composite index and agriculture index are few of the indices established by NITI Aayog in the last few years. ... Read more

Nvidia Brings Real-time AI To Edge Devices

On May 27th 2019, Nvidia announced Nvidia-EGX. Nvidia-EGX is a platform that allow companies to avail low latency AI on edge devices. They predicted that by 2025 around 150 billion devices will be streaming continuous data that will need processing and thus they developed NVIDIA EGX to overcome this traffic and process data in real ... Read more

Top 5 Must Watch AI TV Shows

The commotion that took over the world in the ‘90s was the word touchscreen. Touchscreen phones also called as smartphones is something that is still progressing forward. Technology is something that is ever advancing just like the wide spread space with a lot more left to uncover and discover. This era’s new hotshot for technology ... Read more

AI Or ML, Who Has The Upper Hand?

So many coming of age movies have been developed where there is showcasing of advanced technology which has not been developed yet in the real world. This reel world imaginations seem so cool that we almost wish these technologies existed in real world too. One such coming of age technology is Artificial Intelligence. We cannot ... Read more

Google I/O : AI And ML For The Future

Google I/O developer conference was a roller coaster ride with fascinating and thrilling new features being announced that we all can’t wait to try. AI was definitely one of the defining themes of this year’s Google I/O. Jeffrey Dean, the head of google ai went big on the usage of AI in different fields. AI ... Read more

ISRO To Get Another Eye In The Sky On May 22

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) is about to complete its 50 years of establishment and they are not stopping. The always advancing organization has announced the launch of RISAT – 2BR1 satellite on May 22 of 2019. RISAT satellites were primarily built for weather surveillance but the recent attacks have led to modifications in the ... Read more