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I am a tech geek. I constantly wonder in the cyber space looking for the news for U.

Privacy based Brave Browser Review

The privacy-focused Brave browser has recently come out of the beta. It hit the stable 1.0 on all platforms i.e. Android, iOS, Linux, Windows and also Mac OS.

Warning ! All Linux users

There is a warning for all Linux users. A new vulnerability has been found on the sudo

World’s Smartest Person’s Account Hacked

No doubt, the smartest person in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is the iron man. He created the smartest AI Jarvis, created iron man suit, found a way to time travel. But now his account has been hacked. Yeah, I am telling this is true.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account hacked; send several abusive tweets

Twitter's CEO (chief executive officer) and co-founder Jack Dorsey's Twitter has been hacked. It was used to send several abusive and racist tweets. The hackers used SIM swapping

Alert! Malware in CamScanner

The most popular app for document scanning and sharing is the CamScanner. But recently, Kaspersky has found a malware inside the CamScanner app

Charging cable can hack your device

you plug a charging / lighting cable into your PC to transfer files. All seems totally fine and Suddenly the terminal of your PC opens and starts executing commands or malicious codes. A hacker who goes by the online handle (alias) name MG(Mike Grover) at DEFCON 2019 showed how to hack a PC with just ... Read more

Use Google assistant to to read and reply your WhatsApp, telegram, slack messages

Earlier the Google assistant can read and send only text messages.Now, you can read and reply to messages from WhatsApp, telegram, slack, discord, GroupMe etc through the assistant.

Play as wing commander Abhinandan on IAF’s (air force) new game

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has launched a new game to encourage the youth to join the force. The game is called "Indian Air Force: A cut above". You can also also play as wing commander Abhinandan.

Most dangerous spyware can steal data from iCloud, WhatsApp, Microsoft and Google’s server also

The pegasus spyware can steal all your contacts, call logs, images and videos, passwords, app data, WhatsApp data ,even your iCloud(apple server) , Microsoft server (including Office360) and also Google server. In short, it can steal all your details from your device. The Pegasus spyware is the most dangerous and advanced spyware.

Thousands of Customers Suffers From SBI System Outage.

India's largest bank SBI (state Bank of India) 's corporate website and digital banking system (including the internet banking and the it's popular YONO app) was down. The outage was reported since Monday 22 july.