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Dial 155260 In case of Online Financial Frauds.

The Government of India has launched a toll-free complaint number dedicated only to financial/Banking Fraud Last month. Millions of people are getting benefits f the Citizen Financial Fraud System started in the Cyber ​​Crime Portal on May 13. As The Tech Infinite always tries to let people/ common citizens know about the ongoing financial frauds. We thought of propagating this new initiative of the Government.

Since the introduction of the new system, as a result of the prompt action taken by the police, within 20 days, more than Rs. 1 lakh 44 thousand of a victim has been saved even before the thugs could’ve known about it. It is noteworthy that a victim of cyber financial fraud can call the cyber crime helpline number and lodge a complaint under the “Citizen Financial Fraud Reporting System” in the cyber crime portal.

In view of increasing cyber crime related complaints, the service of cyber crime helpline number is now being provided 24 hours. Triveni Singh, Superintendent of Police, Cyber ​​Crime, Uttar Pradesh has said in a media briefing that

This new system will not only bring down cyber financial fraud cases but will also break the morale of the gangs involved in such crimes.

Triveni Singh, Superintendent of Police, Cyber ​​Crime, Uttar Pradesh

He also once again appealed to the people to immediately register complaints in the cases of cyber financial crime so that the victim can be saved from financial loss in time. Make sure one should have all the important proof which police might ask while investigating you case.

The proof might include:

  1. Incoming call Number
  2. Payment Details
  3. Transaction IDs
  4. Chat Screenshots (If Any)
  5. Thug’s UPI ID
  6. Call Recording

All users are requested to turn your call recording when in case of suspicious calls.

We have also done an inadept analysis of these UPI Frauds. You may refer to the article here. One can also refer to the official website of the cybercrime department here.

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