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Wireless Technology: Can It Impact On Our Health And Environment

It is a hot topic that has put many people wonder, can wireless technology affect our health. The answer is yes. Wireless technology exposes your body to radiation. For a clearer picture, take a smartphone as an example. When you buy a smartphone. The box is printed with all specifications and details of the device. You might notice “SAR value”, basically SAR value is the amount of radiofrequency your body absorbs from your smartphone. Different countries have regulations regarding SAR value. Radio frequencies are absorbed by our body when we keep devices near to us.

According to a study after you end a conversation on your phone you may experience a warm sensation behind your ear which means that your body absorbed radio frequencies. All wireless devices emit Radio Frequencies which include your smartphone, Bluetooth earphones. It is important to check the SAR value when you buy a wireless product.

There are some ways by which you can reduce absorption of Radio frequencies.

  • Use a thick case for your phone.
  • Keep your smartphone away when you are not using it.
  • Keep your smartphone far away from you when you sleep
  • Try to opt for traditional wired earphones instead of Bluetooth earphones

There has been a rapid growth in the number of cellphone users around the world. This has resulted in the increase of signal towers. There is no scientific evidence but some ecologist believe that the frequencies from signal towers render with the bird’s brain. It suppresses the bird’s natural ability to navigate. This leads to their death. There is also a huge decline in bird population from the introduction of cellphones. We can hope that future technology can be safer for us as well as the environment.

Afeef Shariff

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