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Instagram restricts direct messaging between teens and adults for safer experiences

Instagram has been working on some updates that make it a safer place for teens to interact with adults that they have and haven’t followed. Read on to know more about the recent update on the platform that helps teens be safe and protect them from cyber harassment.

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With most of the teens opening their accounts on Instagram, they are at high risk of being exposed to unwanted harassment. This may come in form of visibility of explicit material, unknown people contacting & having explicit conversations to state some. Instagram Tweeted about some updates that they were incorporating into their platform to keep teens safe from such happenings.

Instagram’s blog post on the subject

Instagram also released a blog post on their help forum regarding extensive information on this subject. In Short, it said that even if the age limit to open an account on the platform is 13 years, children circumvent the limit by giving fake birthdates. To help these accounts be safe, Instagram is about to restrict direct messaging between such accounts and adult accounts. This will be done to give more control over the chats. Above it, Instagram is going to stop recommending teen accounts in adult feeds and teen content to adult viewers. Also, public comments from teenager accounts will not be visible to other users with ages of 18 and higher.

Instagram restricting direct messaging between adult and teen accounts is going to help control cyber harassment but with it, Instagram also is encouraging account users below the age of 18 to make their account private. It also is going to provide information on how to handle situations where the chats go out of hand.

This will surely be helpful to Parents and teenagers alike to be safe online to a great extent making Instagram even safer in the process. Check the full blog post by Instagram here.

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