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Nissan Source Code Leaked From Git Server

About 18 GB of Nissan North America Source Code leaked online from a misconfiguration Git Server. Moreover, The server was online with a default username and password of admin/admin.

In an interview with ZDNet, Software Engineer, Tillie Kottmann told about the leak. The exposed Git repository contains source code of Nissan North America mobile apps, Parts of Nissan ASIST diagnostics tool, Nissan internal core mobile library, Market research tools, and data, Nissan internal core mobile library, Dealer business portal, Vehicle logistics system, Nissan connects things and various other backend codes.

nissan source code

Also, The source code starts surfing on the torrent and telegram on Monday, and yesterday, Nissan takes the server offline.

We are aware of a claim regarding a reported improper disclosure of Nissan’s confidential information and source code. We take this type of matter seriously and are conducting an investigation.


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