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Company Claimed loss of 50 Crore, Emails of Noida-Based Defence Equipment Company Hacked

Recently a Noida-based defence equipment company that deals in defense equipment and technology allegedly claimed that its rival company has hacked the company’s email ids and created a loss of Rs 50 crore.

According to the claim by the company that the cyber attack has caused a financial loss of Rs 50 crore.

It is, hereby, informed that on account of the hacking of my emails along with the emails of other members of my department, the company has incurred heavy financial losses and irreparable damage to its reputation

A senior executive of the firm alleged in the FIR lodged on Saturday

The Noida-based defense equipment company has lodged an FIR on Saturday and the investigation has been started by the cyber cell department.

The executive also said that the majority of the e-mails that were hacked are extremely sensitive.

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The hack has exposed our IPR to competitors leading to the copying of our products, divert contracts of our products to their own company, at lesser costs. The hackers have indulged in misleading our International clients with unsolicited and fallacious information leading to either delay of contracts or complete withdrawal of contracts

Mallikarjun said in FIR

The FIR has been filed in the Noida Police Station under IPC 420 and section 66 of the Information Technology Act.

It may also be noted that our company, ELCOM Innovations Private Limited, exclusively deals with the Defence Forces, Para Military Forces, and Intelligence Agencies of the country, thereby, having access to critical and classified data

According to the FIR, a copy of which is available with PTI

The company said that the criminals have instigated their suppliers to significantly increase their prices by divulging company’s profit margins.

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