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The Universe is like a giant Human Brain, Scientists Find

Your brain is made up of a complex network of nearly 100 billion neurons that form 100 trillion neural connections. Neurons are clustered into a hierarchical network of nodes, filaments, and interconnected neural clusters that shape the complex thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you experience.

A research paper entitled “The quantitative comparison between the neuronal network and the cosmic web” published in the Journal Frontiers of Physics tells us about the similarity between the Human Brain and the Universe.

In a bizarre coincidence, the observable universe also consists of an estimated 100 billion galaxies. The teetering balance between the pull of gravity and the accelerated expansion of the universe forms a cosmic web of string-like filaments composed of ordinary and dark matter.

These two complex networks show more similarities than those shared between the cosmic web and a galaxy or a neuronal network and the inside of a neuronal body

Alberto Feletti, Researcher

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When scientists looked at the two most complex and fascinating structures known to science: the human network of neurons in your brain and the cosmic web of galaxies-but the resemblance seemed uncanny.

We calculated the spectral density of both systems. This is a technique often employed in cosmology for studying the spatial distribution of galaxies

Franco Vazza, Astrophysist

The clusters of galaxies from the intersections of the filaments, leaving desolate gaps of empty space between them. Strangely, scientists estimate only around 25 percent of the matter in the universe is visible while the remaining 75 percent is dark matter.

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