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After PUBG, TikTok is Planning to Return to India

As soon as the PUBG Mobile announced to come soon in India, TikTok internal reports saying that TikTok is also planning for a comeback. TikTok India Head Nikhil Gandhi writes letters to employees assuring them of the comeback.

Mr. Gandhi writes that TikTok India has taken steps to comply with local data privacy and security requirement laws and is optimistic about the outcome. As per reports, TikTok is looking for companies to partner with for legal, policy, and advocacy.

TikTok Comeback

Our clarifications have been submitted to the Government and we will continue to allay any further concerns they may have. Together with our employees, we remain dedicated to our users and creators who have found not only recognition but also new avenues of livelihood through our platform.

Nikhil Gandhi, Head TikTok India Writes in the letter

TikTok has over 2,000 employees in India and Bytedance, TikTok Parent company is doing its best to comply with the local laws and revoke the ban that the Indian Government has put. For the employees, TikTok conducted an annual performance review cycle and award them with a salary bonus despite shut to deal with the ban.

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We remain committed to the positive impact our platforms can have on the society. Our employees are at the guts of our business and that we place the utmost importance on our employees’ personal and professional well-being.

Nikhil Gandhi, Head TikTok India Writes in the letter

Moreover, the TikTok market base in India is greater than in any other country except China, TikTok is the most downloaded app around the World and in India too. For several months, it holds the top position in the top 10 downloads of 2020. TikTok has 500 Million active users.

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